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Turn your company into an experience

Each click on your website can be a cost or a benefit. Each new visitor could become a detractor or a promotor.

Sigmoon is a brand new studio based in Paris, with huge ambitions to push your product to its best 🌕

We work with companies we strongly believe in. And what we love, we make shine.

Sit on the couch

Take a seat. Our first step is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your product and target audience, your market, your business, industry trends and best practices.

We achieve this by conducting in-depth research to identify your users' needs, expectations, and pain points, as well as your current product's strengths and weaknesses.

Emmanuel (Sigmoon co-founder) is an experienced web analytics expert and former Content Square PM, and brings his wealth of knowledge to inform our analysis.

Our commitment to a thorough analysis ensures that we deliver data-driven solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business and users.

We build a strategy

Once we understand your product and users, we work closely with you to define an effective strategy.

We are going to strip down your product to define your business goals. Look to the 🌕 and beyond.

At this stage, we need to feel we are part of your team.

We will challenge each other. We will benefit from your great experience and knowledge of the market. You will enjoy benefiting from a new perspective – sometimes naive but always refreshing – on your way of doing things.

Our strategy-driven approach ensures that your product is designed to succeed in the long term.

We design an experience

It’s now time to wireframe!

At this stage, we are not designing but we are wireframing. This means we are designing without any colors, crazy typos and awesome animation. We are focusing on the content, not the container.

Why is this step crucial?

We want to focus on the architecture without debating about the red and the blue. We want to focus on what will drive business: sales funnel, auth method, call to action, lead magnets, etc.

At this stage we are smart. Next... we will be cool 😎

We make it shine ✨

Let’s talk about the container.

It’s the end of the party, the cool kids are coming: brand designers, illustrators and UI designers.

Your brand should not just look good. It should look bold, impactful, iconic.

A brand is what makes your clients feel unique and your employees proud.

A lot of agencies like to do really beautiful stuff. At Sigmoon, we like when beauty is entirely at the service of performance.

Good branding also means no friction. An execution that borders on perfection 🫠

Sit on the couch
We build a strategy
We design an experience
We make it shine ✨
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Much more than a studio.

We are a collective.

The top-notch talents of today's generation have shifted from in-house to freelancing. Therefore, we operates with a community-based approach.

Sigmoon unites talents to construct teams that deliver remarkable work.

We exclusively work with top-class UX designers, PMs, brand strategists, data analysts : La crème de la crème. Really.

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